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Willie Waldman is one of the best trumpet players in the world. His lifelong commitment to his craft took him from his high school band, to performing and recording with some of the biggest names in the business: Jimmie Vaughn, the Robert Cray Band, Albert King, Joe Cocker, Snoop Dogg, Warren G., Sublime, Tupac Shakur, Jodeci, Salt & Pepa, Perry Farrell, Stephen Perkins and Rob Wasserman just to name a few!

The name might not strike an immediate chord but Willie Waldman is one you’ll find in the liner notes of great artists and groups such as Banyan, Rob Wasserman, Perry Farrell and the late Tupac Shakur. While the list goes on, there’s much more to this trumpet players credit than simply recording as a sideman on many of today’s contemporary artists albums.

Willie started his journey at age 7 with his first Trumpet, and took lessons in Westville, just east of Chicago. After High School he found himself in Memphis looking to get involved in music and became a member of the legendary group Herman Green & The Green Machine. Come the late 80s they formed a group called Freeworld and ended up touring through the years with names like Stevie Ray Vaughn & Joe Cocker.

By 1994 he had reached L.A. and met up with friend & engineer David Aron, who was working with Death Row Studios mixing and recording Snoop Dogg’s latest release. Snoop asked for some brass in the track and that’s all it took for Willie to be recording for Hip Hops biggest superstar! He went on to record with 2pac, The Dogg Pound, Dazz & Kurupt, K Ci & Jo Jo, Xhibit & Nate Dogg and more.

Come 1997 Waldman will meet Perry Farrell of Janes Addiction, who opened up the alternative rock scene for him. Before he knew it their drummer, Stephen Perkins and Willie became friends and Willie was added to the Banyan project, writing, playing and co-producing. Between recording and working with other artists around Banyan he met and linked up with Rob Wasserman of the Grateful Dead and recorded on Rob’s next album, Space Island, plus Willie was involved in writing and co-producing again. Both projects have continued to this day in 2014, Banyan and playing with Wasserman.

His first album back in 2000, The Willie Waldman Project was a collaboration that encompassed the roots of Memphis and the freeform of L.A. bringing and eclectic, jam oriented jazz album that will knock your socks off! A testament to his style, experience and roots, Willie Waldman has been around and the proof is there in his releases.


July 28th Gluek’s Restaurant & Bar 16 N 6th St Minneapolis, MN
(612) 338-6621

Many don’t know that Trumpet Player Willie Waldman played on the 1993 Salt N Pepper/En Vogue hit, What a Man. THE Man, Demitri Rallis is joined by Willie and his powerhouse touring ensemble on Thurs, July 25 for an evening of rock/funk improv. Joining Demitri as The Willie Waldman Project are:
Eric Delaney-Big Tasty
Lee Leonard-The Jones Gang
Brett Behrens-Jason Dixon Line
and maybe more.

Willie playing w/ Jane’s Addiction
Marco Villarreal
Produced and recorded with Dave Aron at his Hollywood Way Studios 2012   Tony Austin – Drums Tony Franklin – Bass Willie Waldman – Trumpet

Kofi Baker

Kofi has impeccable credentials. He is the son of legendary drummer/musician, Ginger Baker, which is evident the moment you hear or see Kofi play. The DNA is unmistakable.

But Kofi has his own unique approach to playing and with his uncompromising daily practicing regime, no wonder he has forged his own long and distinguished career working with many other legendary musicians such as Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Roger Waters, Nile Rogers, Tom Jones, Jack Bruce, Steve Marriott, Uli Jon Roth and many more.

Willie – Memphis State University marching band 1985
North Indiana Allstars (Jake, Joel & Kris from Umphrey’s McGee) 2014 Martyr’s Chicago
Willie Waldman Project – Church And The Liquor Store July 4th, 2023 @ So Many Roads Museum & Brewery – Denver, CO
Stephen Perkins, Willie Waldman, Steve Kimock joined by Grace Potter, Reed Mathis and Joe Satriani for this unbelievable rendition of Neil Young’s song, Cortez the Killer.
Live at the Jammy Awards