Brass note on Beale St 2-12

For Willie Waldman every gig is like a band debut. With one important exception: Every member is not only talented but vastly experienced. That is the intrigue of the Willie Waldman Project. The band is ever-changing as Waldman pulls noted musicians from all styles and geographical locations to play free form music created on the spot. This represents the true history of Jazz!

“The artists have so much freedom, It’s a cool vibe” Terry Saffold said “Waldman is a genius at bringing diverse players together”. It is always fresh and exciting, no one in the industry is doing what Waldman has accomplished” and the fans dig it.

Although Waldmans musical career began with the Chesterton High School Marching band in Chesterton, In. Waldman believes his real training began in Memphis TN. While attending Memphis State on a music scholarship, it was on Beale Street that Waldman met several musical legends that he feels groomed him for what the Willie Waldman Project is known for today.

The Willie Waldman Project is celebrating the 25th year of Freeworld the band he co-founded in college. They are receiving a brass note on Beale Street October 6th

Waldman thought this was a great time to reunite FreeWorld alums and bring them to Oxford at Two Sticks October 5th. Waldman says “ we all love oxford, so many great memories, this is a chance to come out and experience original improve from great musicians who went on to do so many things, but honor their roots of what we learned in the south.” We have known Chad, the owner of Two Sticks throughout our careers, and we want to thank him for hosting this celebration.

We are all so excited to jam together after so many years. This show will feature: Willie Waldman – Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Herman Green – sax/flute, Richard Cushing – bass, Terry Saffold – Drums, Chuck Fields – Percussion/Drums, Clint Wagner – guitar/violin, Ross Rice – Keyboards