Willie Waldman Project
Welcome to Willie Waldman's web site where you can listen and download his music.
For Willie Waldman every gig is like a band debut. With one important exception: Every member is not only talented but vastly experienced. That is the intrigue of the Willie Waldman Project. The band is ever-changing as Waldman pulls noted musicians from all styles and geographical locations to play free form music created on the spot. This represents the true history of Jazz!

Willie gets Rave Reviews
Willie's new album has been receiving great reviews. One music critic called him the "new Miles Davis".

"Dad's Tune" by Willie Waldman
I wrote this for my father the morning as he passed in 2010. Literally at his final breath, the song came to me.

Musicians: Mike Watt, Dave Aron, Herman Green, Steve McKay, Terry Saffold (Mouthful recorded in Memphis TN January 2012)

Calender of Events

Willie Waldman Project: 20 Below Zero Tour 2018!

March 31, 2018 The Bit and Spur 1212 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale UT

Details: Willie Waldman Project, John Avila, Tony Austin, Brian Jordan

April 15, 2018 LeRoys Hot Stuff Hwy 20, Porter IN

Details: Willie Waldman Project, Marco Villareal, Clint Slatcoff, Bill Romer

May 25-27, 2018 Facebook Summer Camp Music Festival

Chillicothe, IL

June 15, 2018 Rising Sun Camp Ground Monterey IN

Details: Willie Waldman, Guest Artist: Brown Town Music Fest

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