The Lo Lo song

by MO

This is a song of celebrating life and lowriding


released January 18, 2021
MO vocals
Willie Waldman Trumpret
Tommy D Drums, Keyboards
John Herb Trombone

Producer Willie Waldman
Executive Producer Ian Goldberg

If you’ve ever been to a show at Canopy Club and/or attended Summer Camp, you’d probably recognize Mo on the security side of things. He recently released this track, “The Lo Lo song”, which you can stream below. The song is just one of a few songs engineered by Tommy D. Daugherty who has worked with 2Pac, Dr. Dre, and many more. He recorded it with Willie Waldman in LA. International freestyle legend Mo’s hip hop/funk/soul grooves…he rhymes over with impromptu lyrical precision. MO is able to take what he sees into rhymes with incredible speed and delivery.

Mo isn’t the only one in his family that can rap either — his daughter Klevah is one half of Mother Nature.

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