The Music Network Artist Profile of the Year (2013)

Working in the world of entertainment is always more blood, sweat and tears than most people know — The music industry is not really a “money for nothing and your chicks for free” outcome for most and is quite an expansive wasteland of one hit wonders and radio stars who drift into the background quickly. With every new year you have a new generation of musicians who want to live the dream and simply need a break — and with that — enter one cool cat who makes it happen and connects all the dots for so many.

I have come to adore trumpeter Willie Waldman. Willie is not a name most recognize, but man, the acts he’s played with go on and on like a Christmas list to Santa. Willie has played with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Danny Elfman, Bob Weir, Tupac, Wutang, Sublime, Banyan, and many many more. While Willie has all this history under his belt, what is impressive is his continued drive to forge new pathways with new acts across the musical spectrum. He is simply an amazing artist and person.

Within an hour of meeting Willie Waldman he was connecting the dots and offering help to make connections for a host of ideas for up and coming acts. This is rare in a day when most bands, managers or venues won’t even return a friendly message asking for a peanut to share.

I love the music Willie Waldman makes and respect the passion and energy he represents but ultimately his willingness to help others and what he lends to generations that follow is paramount to successful entertainment and for this reason he is my Artist of The Year in 2013.